hujan lagi

kalo hujan begini jadi ingat lagunya Harem Scarem yang judulnya rain. jadi ingat juga waktu bawa lagu itu secara akustik di UMM. kalo tidak salah ikutan parade akustik waktu itu. main bertiga, 2 gitar dan 1 vokal. hm.. kapan lagi bisa seperti itu.

Harem Scarem – Rain

I feared the notion – I’d fall at your feet
And pour out my heart and you’ll leave forever
Severe emotions and dark memories
They all end the same – a nosedive endeavor

But angels did fly and flooded boats sailed
To rescue my heart and pull out every nail
Things don’t seem right since I’ve fallen

I’m falling like rain for everything about you
I find myself chained – thinking I’m coming loose
It’s everything about you

A deep devotion has washed on our sands
Took hold of our hands and guides us forever
Holy water that some of us brave
They’re poetic slaves – drowned by their conscience

Angels did fly – the loneliness fails
To capture my heart and push in every nail
Things turn out right since I’ve fallen

One thought on “hujan lagi

  1. Lagu rock yah?? gua ga pernah denger tapi dari liriknya uummm… well, kalo kayak yang kamu bilang dibawain secara akustik, gua harus denger tuh lagu… ooww ya!!

    ya, lagu rock tapi lbh ke ballad. di youtube pernah lihat klipnya.

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